Frequently Asked Questions

The teachers at Golden Tree Kids Center prioritize on every students needs and goals. They do understand that every student has their own musical aspiration. The instructor will adapt to the students learning style, and both the teacher and student will develop a plan to accomplish the students goal.

We are located in the heart of Mississauga on Dundas St. West and Liruma Rd. 2655 Liruma Rd Unit #3 Miss. ON L5K 1Y9.

At Golden Tree Kids Center we teach all genres of music: classical, jazz, pop, and etc. We teach the importance of the basic fundamentals of music. From there we will incorporate it with the musical style you would want to learn.

You can start today, enrollment is always open!

The teachers at Golden Tree Kids Center are not only teachers but they are also performers. We hirer instructors with teaching experience and performing experience. The instructors have the passion for teaching and want to strive with the students learning style. All the teachers are highly qualified and have very warm and welcoming personality.

Majority of our students will have a trail lesson for a year. After you have tried the trial lesson for a year you can drop lessons any time with giving a notice of 30 days.

If the student is not learning well with their teacher. We can make the change! Students do not have to feel guilty for switching teachers. Our priority is to help you and make the lessons fun. We want you to learn and have a positive experience with right teacher that meets your style of learning.

Private Lessons
The beginners tuition is $110 per month for 30 minutes lessons.
The intermediate tuition is $180 per month for 45 minutes lessons.
For levels 8, and 9 tuition s $240 per month for 60 minutes lessons.
For RCM grade 10 tuition is $280 per month for 60 minutes lessons.

For 30 minute lessons= $27.50
For 45 minute lessons= $45.00
For 60 minute lessons= $60.00
For 60 minute lessons RCM Grade 8 and 9= $65.00
For 60 minute lessons RCM Grade 10= $70.00

Majority of the students come once a week. For students that are advanced they are encouraged to attend lessons twice a week.

There is a registration fee of $40 per student, books are extra. The teacher will help you know what you need to purchase. We recommend on purchasing about $30 worth of books per year. There are no hidden costs.

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