Practice Hints

Hints for Parents

Let your child determine the best time to practice (30 to 40minutes daily). Start with 10 to 15 minutes at lunch so that students don’t miss it so much. For TV watchers, get (Natalie) to practice while the 6:00p.m news is on.

Co-ordinate the practice time with specific household duties, which permits you to iron or sew at the same time as you listen. You are your child’s audience. An audience is important for any musician, beginner or virtuoso.

Remain in the same room your child practices in. If it is necessary to work in another room, it is helpful to say: “Natalie, I’m going to leave the door open so that I can hear you, because I enjoy listening to you playing.’’ Do not say ‘practicing’, use the word ‘playing! It has more of a positive tone.

Be complimentary about their work and always encourage them. Music is not always easy.

Make a habit of discussing “Natalie’s” progress at the supper table. For instance, “Natalie is doing worked hard today. I’d like to hear her play what she has learned as soon as supper is finished.” This gives her an audience of two people or more. Start this practice right from the first lesson. Don’t hesitate to turn the TV off and give her a few minutes of undivided attention. You could possibly be developing a TV star in your won home.

Make sure you protect your child outside interference while he/she plays the instrument. ( Other children in the home etc.)

Do not change the scheduled time of practicing unless absolutely necessary, and then be certain your child understands why.

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Questions & Answers

What can parents do to help their child towards a successful Start?

One, or preferably both of the parents should take a few minutes three to four times a week, to sit down and listen to the child play.

If the child has your undivided attention and receives generous praise, he will enjoy his practice more. Keep criticism to a minimum. When a child makes a mistake, leave it to the teacher to correct.

Make sure your student practices his new lessons, not just those pieces he likes.

How do we know if our child will do well?

Most parents know that their children are doing well at Golden Tree Kids Center and Dance (VAMD). If you have to ask, they are probably not doing well. At the Golden Tree Kids Center we feel that good progress is the key too success. Report cards are issued at least twice a year and the teachers are required to contact the parents if everything isn’t going well.

Getting the students involved in competitions, festival and recitals early, stimulates their natural enthusiasm and ensures that they will do well. It also gives you an opportunity to compare their progress to others. These programs are more effective to motivate students to practice than a nagging parent. When you see how our advanced students enjoy their lessons, you’ll know they are doing well.

Do we teach Adults?

Although our beginner program is directed towards children and most of our students are children, there are students of all ages. You are never too old to learn music. Most adults take private rather than group lessons. Parents who take the lessons find that their children learn much better when their mother or father take a keen interest in taking the lessons themselves.

Personalized music programs are designed to suit each individual’s preference and study requirements.

Carefully monitored teaching standards. Other studios merely rent space to teachers. Our work for us and are carefully supervised