It is best to start piano at a young age of four. This age is the most effective age to learn the basic fingering movement. With this skill being develop it also helps the brain to be more attentive. Not only is piano a great skill to learn, but it also helps kids outside of music. It is known that students that study piano, are usually better in math than those who do not.

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Violin is a well known instrument due to its high pitch sound. It is the highest sounding instrument in the string section of an orchestra. Violin is a beautiful sounding instrument with the right technique. With our highly qualified teachers guiding you, you will be able to make a beautiful sound with your own violin. Our teachers will be help you grasp the technique of bowing, and placing the right fingers on the fingerboard.

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Cello is a beautiful sounding instrument that encourages kids and adults to learn. Our teachers are highly skilled and will teach you the proper bowing and fingering technique. Our teachers will also guide you on how to make a beautiful warm sound on your own cello.

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Guitar is a very diverse instrument due to its style of playing. Our teachers are able to guide you on how to play many different styles. Such as classical, rock. blues, pop, and folk, and country. Not only can we teach acoustic guitar, but we can also teach electric, and classical.

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On your very first lesson you will learn the basic technique of stick control.The stick control technique is very crucial to drummers. The teacher will help you through the warm ups and technique exercises to build up your fundamentals. After these exercises the teacher will guide you on how to use the rest of the drum-set. At Golden Tree Kids Center the drumming style are endless. From rock, jazz, funk, blues, hip hop, and many more.

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At Golden Tree Kids Center our teachers are very welcoming and are passionate about teaching. They will make sure that you are having fun and also learning. The instructor will guide you with proper technique, and on how to warm up properly with many different exercises. We can teach you various styles of vocal pieces from classical, jazz, pop, musical theatre, and R&B.

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Saxophone & Clarinet:

For both Saxophone and Clarinet students will learn how to produce sounds with their instrument's properly. The teacher will guide the students on how to form the proper embouchure, and the right breathing technique.

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Our flute teachers will teach you the proper way to play the flute by teaching you on how to hold the flute, producing a proper tone, breathing technique, and fingering. They will also teach you many different genre of music from classical, pop, jazz, and many more.

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